Hi! I’m Amy.

I am a photographer and artist based out of Leavenworth, Washington. My work is layered by travel, outdoor, and lifestyle subjects, sometimes with a bit of fashion thrown in to keep it spicy. I seek to capture adventure, movement, and joyful moments that punctuate a modern gypsy wanderer’s life.

It’s the mountains, sea, and undisturbed landscapes in between that call to me whether they are close to home or in faraway lands. The bullseye of my life is to continuously inspire myself and others to keep exploring and embrace the present.

I am also an Art Director.  That portfolio of work is located here:  design.amyrollo.com

A Timeline

A brief history of events shaping my creative life.


Spend my 30th birthday bouldering in Hampi, India.

Survive the earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Round 2 in SE Asia includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and lots of time in Thailand.

Teach yoga in Laos for a month.


Become a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor in Rishikesh, India.

Spend my 29th birthday rock climbing in Thailand.

Paddle around Tofino, British Columbia.

Road Trip around the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia with my adventure buddy.


Spend 4 months backpacking around Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Link with the awesome lady behind LeoREVOLT and photographed two swimwear collections.

Shut my mouth and sit through a 10 day Vipassana course.


Focus on building my portrait portfolio.

Travels include road tripping across the USA, Coachella Music Festival, and a season snowboarding on Mt Hood.


Graphic design freelancing mania! 


Move to Portland, OR to live in and experience a different part of the good old US of A.

Backpack from Seattle to San Antonio.

I gave up heels for a backpack in South America.


Art Director at Sahara Media in New York, NY.


Work with rockstar designers at Dogmatic in NYC.

First solo travel excursion: Amsterdam.


First professional gig as a freelancer for the Everyday Health Network (or Waterfront Media to the old school cats).

Graduate with high honors from Pace University with a BFA in Art and minors in Photography, Graphic Design, & Marketing. Move to Bushwick, Brooklyn because I can’t afford to pay rent in Manhattan.


Study photography at Florence University of the Arts in Italy. Travel to London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, and various visually stunning places around Italy.

Make my foray into the web world as an intern at making ideas work! Eventually work my way up to head designer.


Summer internship at Coolidge Studio near Boston, MA. Learn more than I ever could have imagined about still life photography, studio lighting, and managing clients.


Graduate Watertown High School with all kinds of high honors (I was always a geek). Move to NYC and enroll at Pace University (they give scholarships to white girls!).


First classic photography class which will become a lifelong love affair with the darkroom.  RIP Mr. Pipe.


dance fairies in a forest with prime lenses snapping photos of one another. The camera is their rose colored glass and they see only beauty through the viewfinder. They live in the moment, preserving the moment. Even fairies grow old and fade away, but the memory of their day in the forest will live on forever.

  • I not-so-secretly wish we all still worked in the darkroom.
  • I teach yoga!
  • I used to drink a pot of coffee a day until I developed an extreme sensitivity to caffeine. Now I am a tea fiend.
  • I started watching climbing films years before I ever touched rock.
  • I’ve been carrying a camera around since I was 9 years old.