The rule of thumb for posting on a blog is to be consistent in your timing. Post once a week or twice a week or 5 times a week, but do it every week (or month or day, etc. etc.).

Well. I have failed splendidly at that for the last couple of months. And quite frankly? I don’t care.

I’ve been traveling around SE Asia without a laptop and let me tell you: the PCs, when they are even available to use, at hotels and guesthouses, are more often than not riddled with bugs and generally a huge pain in the arse.

So I said to hell with it and posted a photo to Facebook every day from my iPhone instead.

However, the end of this adventure of mine is in sight, so it’s time to post some images I’ve been sitting on for months and months. Time to get back in the swing of this lovely little portrait business that I love so dearly.

Anywho! This blond, blue eyed beauty’s name is Angela — a super cool lady that I am so grateful to have met. Our portrait session happened to fall on a gorgeous autumn day back in October when the light was just perfect.

Hair + makeup provided by the talented Coreene Collins.