Galen Torrey Yoga

A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Galen Torrey after she completed her teacher training with my favorite YoYos.

Having recently moved here from NYC, Galen wanted a mix of urban and nature images to characterize her new home.

For the former, we hung around Tanner Springs Park in Northwest Portland. For the latter, the obvious choice was Forest Park — within city limits, but lush greenery at its finest.

My favorite part of that day? I asked Galen if she could get into Mermaid. If I recall correctly she had never even tried the pose, but then proceeded to bust it out on the first try.

This is also why the above photo is my favorite shot of the day. That sly smirk.

Brooke Morse, fellow yogi and badass beauty babe, busted out her skills in the hair + makeup department.

Check out Galen’s website for her class schedule around PDX.