Travel Adventures on Phú Quoc Island, Vietnam

Over the last few years I’ve discovered that Christmas is best spent on a beach somewhere far away. Away from malls and their respective crowds. I’m over that commercial kind of Christmas.

Last Christmas I ended up on an island in the gulf of Thailand with my Canadian friend Marty.

Because I tend to not plan more than a day ahead when I’m traveling, we had no intention to go to Phu Quoc until we were in the weird, sketchy little town of Rach Gia (which we learned was basically a port to get you to the island).

An older Canadian expat running a restaurant in Rach Gia gave us a tip that we should head to this lovely island.

So we hopped on the Superdong for the two hour boat ride to this little piece of paradise. We didn’t have a room booked, but our motorbike taxi brought us to a little no-name guesthouse that cost about $7 USD a night for a room. The beach was a two minute walk away.

Paradise: found.

The best thing you can do on Phu Quoc, other than sit on the beach, eat, drink, and enjoy the view, is rent a motorbike to explore the island. Upon which you will find yourself on various beaches eating, drinking, and of course, enjoying the gorgeous views.

Phu Quoc is most definitely a must-do in your Southeast Asian adventures.