Kristi Cole of YoYoYogi

It’s amazing how when you pick up a healthy habit, you happen to fall into a community of seriously wonderful individuals.

In this case, the YoYos of YoYo Yogi. In my search for a yoga studio to call home, I fell into the YoYo world and never looked back.

The owners, Alex and Terri, are so warm and welcoming. Always with a smile and a kind word. And an obvious joie de vivre.

That loveliness certainly extends to their daughter Kristi.

Who is also an awesome instructor. Her flows are strong, her playlists are rad, and her voice seriously gets you into your groove.

When I asked her if she was interested in some off-the-mat yoga photos, she was totally into it. Yay for me.

Outdoor photos were taken in the Pearl District.

The indoor shots were actually taken in the YoYo studio – a space I’ve spent countless hours on my mat. A place that feels like home.