Why Mermaids Are Real

In a recent yoga class, one of my most favorite instructors told the class that he had nothing to talk about. That it’s hard to think of something thoughtful to say every week. And that maybe we should give it a try sometime.

I’ve been going to this particular class for at least two years and it didn’t occur to me until that moment that he does a damn good job of giving his students food for thought all the time.

And that I’ve come to rely on this guy as my personal living, breathing buddha to tell me about life. Not necessarily a fair pedestal to put someone on, but I’m going to go ahead and say he dug his own grave.

So I asked myself what the hell I would talk about in a room of 20+ yoga students. The first thing that came to mind? That I believe mermaids exist.

Yes, I know. No one would come back to my class because I am bat shit crazy. But let me try and explain.

Rewind back about six months ago. A friend and I discovered a documentary on Animal Planet which argues that when humans evolved from apes, our sea creature cousin evolved into a mermaid. I don’t need to go into the evidence backing up this theory because you can watch it yourself for free. Also, my point has absolutely nothing to do with the details of the film.

Throughout the film, my friend kept noting that the acting was terrible. I kept telling her this is because they are not actors, they are scientists. Essentially, she thought the documentary was complete BS. I thought the exact opposite.

ARIEL IS REAL EVERYONE! Let’s party. Under the sea.

Since then I have naturally had to enlighten many individuals lives with the fact that they have cousins living in the ocean. I’ve found most people scoff at this. Their negative reactions have put quite a damper on the mermaid parade happening in my head.

But you know what? I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter one bit whether mermaids are actually real or not. I choose to believe they exist BECAUSE IT’S MORE FUN. It makes the world a more interesting place.

In this crazy life of jobs and relationships and happy hours and fitness and blogging and all the other shit we fill up our days with, the idea that there is intelligent life in the ocean gives me moments of childlike wonder.

People believe in all kinds of weird things. Kids believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. Christians believe in God. Muslims believe in Allah. Astrologers believe in the stars.

Who says I can’t believe in mermaids? Nobody, that’s who.

So until someone goes out proves they aren’t out there – which will never happen because they most definitely DO exist – I’m going to give my 5 year old self a high five that I got to live to see the day when scientists proved something I always wanted to be true. Mermaids are REAL.

You want to know the second thing that came to mind to talk about to a room full of yogis? A friend’s theory on time travel and aliens. If ever I become a yoga instructor, you can bet my class is going to be full of grade A weirdos.