Yogi + Climber Mayte Radek {Gokarna, India}

I met Mayte in Hampi, but unfortunately we didn’t spend all that much time together amongst the boulders, though the time we did have was good.

What is fortunate is that we met up again on the beach in Gokarna. Climb time was over because of the heat, so an escape to the sea was an appealing option. And I’m so very glad we did. Not only because we had time to create what are some of my favorite images to date, but because I got to know her better.

Mayte is beautiful, inside and out. Her passion for and dedication to the things she loves (climbing, yoga, art to name a few) runs deep. She will get thrown off a rock by a wave, but insist on staying on that same rock for more photos. She will throw on a black dress and climb up a rocky tower because it’s an amazingly unique shot.

This is the girl of my dreams (and probably yours, too).

I do believe I manifested this lady into my life. Every time I’m in a stunning location the thought crosses my mind that a model with a bag of clothes would be pretty damn sweet. It took some time, but I found her. If all goes to plan, she’ll be in front of my lens again in the very near future.