LeoREVOLT Swimwear

I truly adore playing working with the creative lady behind LeoREVOLT. The one and only LeAna Leo has become a good friend of mine since we met back in February to shoot her first swimwear collection in Florence on the Oregon coast.

The girl has vision and style that, while giving a nod to the Pacific Northwest, is entirely her own. I mean, the girl is from Oregon, where most of the year is cold and rainy, yet she decided to focus on swimwear.

She’s definitely got her own way of seeing things. And her ideas generally come together to make something beautiful.

I’m at a loss to articulate how stoked I am to be Miss Leo’s go-to photographer. We pulled this shoot together in less than a week and it went off without a hitch. Even the handmade feather headdress arrived from Indonesia with time to spare.

To photograph her second collection, we headed toward the McKenzie River and an orchard run by the Hazelnut Growers of Oregon.

See what I mean? Girls running around an orchard in bikinis? Why not? Summer in Oregon is HOT (we shot these photos in the middle of August). And after all, the river is right over there…

But, I digress.

Models Sage Bell and Desiree Price piled in the car with one of my favorite hair + makeup artists, Miss Gina Campbell and myself for the 3 hour journey from Portlandia.

A gorgeous day in a stunning place, a talented team (including many other helpful sets of hands not already mentioned here), and we have hard proof of LeoREVOLT’s sweet, yet totally smoking second collection.