Spry Living Featured Amy Rollo as an Instagram Yogi to Follow!

To say I’m honored and humbled to be featured next to some very popular yogis would be a drastic understatement.

But there it is. Sandwiched right in between @laurasykora and @stephynow. Two incredible yogis whose practice is way more advanced than mine, but where I aspire to be as some point in the future. They are no doubt a couple of inspirational ladies.

And Spry Living considers me among their ranks. Seriously cool.

If you’ve been in my world for awhile, you’ll know I’ve been in the process of completely changing my photo business from portraits and weddings to adventure and travel photography. A daunting task when thinking about the big picture of actually getting paid to do what I love — travel, do cool shit, and shoot photos of it all.

I’ve gotten a lot of advice to just keep doing what I’m doing and eventually it’ll get noticed. Slowly, but surely, it seems to be working.