A Letter To the Ladies Who Inspire My Life

By no means is this a complete list.  If I were to do attempt to name every amazing woman I've come into contact with (because trust me, they ALL inspire me), this post would easily become a novel.  Or a trilogy.  But in honor of International Women's Day (whatever that is), I want to acknowledge a few of the awesome ladies in my life.  

You, my loves, keep me flying and keep me grounded at the same time.  A tricky feat, to be sure. 

You make me think outside the box and question everything I've ever been told.  

You've taught me to push myself beyond what I knew possible.  

Watching you live your life has inspired me to live mine better.  

More joy.  More love.  More presence.

Thank you for being you, you crazy warrior women.

1. Mayte Radek (top image)

Fearless femme fatale that makes me question whether gravity is indeed a theory after all.  

2. Katie Marty (image above)

My international yoga friend.  We've spent exactly one day in the USA together and several months in Asia together over the last two years.  By the nature of her being she has opened my mind to so many ideas I hadn't considered before meeting her that one fateful day in northern Thailand.

3. LeAna Leo

This girl will drive for hours on shitty roads to find a remote and deserted hot spring.  Be it a 5 day electronic music festival or a treacherous switchback mountain ridge with a heavy backpack, she is THE adventure buddy of a lifetime.

4. Eliza Coolidge

It's hard to believe I've known Lyz for more than 10 years now.  A true artist at heart, I don't think I've ever known someone more creative.  Whether she is recording an album or doodling in her notebook or remaking old jewelry into new, the imagination that pours out of this girl never ceases to amaze me.

5. Kate Saul

Kate is one of those people that come into your life and you simply can't imagine or remember what it was like before you met them.  She is my friend, my teacher, and a true kindred spirit.