Ro {Smith Rock, Oregon}

My October was spent climbing at Smith Rock.  Before I tell you about these photos, I have to go on a tangent about how I had just invested in a Sony a6300. 

In the past year or so I have rarely picked up a professional camera for personal photography.  The iPhone has been far too convenient when thinking about lugging that 24-70mm lens anywhere that I have to carry other gear. I spent a solid six months debating which mirrorless camera to buy, or if I should just scratch that idea and spend the money on upgrading my Nikon equipment.


Ultimately I decided to purchase the a6300 with the 18-105mm lens.  I weigh 100 pounds and want a solid zoom for climbing, snowboarding, and other adventures where extra weight matters.  As of this writing I've probably brought my camera out for climbing or hiking (because the snow is just starting to fall) about a dozen times.  I'm consistently delighted every time I pick up my camera bag because the ENTIRE BAG with ALL THE GEAR is so lightweight. 


Now that I've gotten that off my chest -- and thank you for your patience if you've made it this far -- let's talk about Ro.  He is a childhood acquaintance of my boyfriend's (or partner, if you're in Portland).  Ro has serendipitously come back into Kyle's life, and in effect I've gotten to know this wonderfully creative specimen.

He's working on all things music and dance related and needed some photos to reflect his current vibe.  That said, this photo session was very loosely planned.  More "winging it" than "preparedness."  He showed up an hour or so before sunset with a suitcase full of clothes.  I was covered in chalk and dirt and displeased with whatever I had just tried to climb that didn't go well.  But Ro's beautiful spirit lifted mine as I tested the portrait capabilities of my new mirrorless toy.  


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