Climbing in Leavenworth, Washington

There are so many times in my adult life that I take a step back and realize that growing up is overrated, while maintaining a childlike zest for life is underrated.  This entire trip to Leavenworth underscored that sentiment.  It was, quite literally, a bunch of big kids -- and their dogs -- out in the mountains playing with their toys.  

We climbed a little, laughed a lot, and went on a photo mission to capture the "Dirtbag Circus" pictured above.  We also set off some roman candles from an epic viewpoint on our last night.

Having not previously seen much of Washington, save for Seattle, I was stunned by the dramatic landscape that surrounds Leavenworth.  The scenery is straight out of any classic fairy tale storybook.  The kitschy German town in the center of it all is the cherry on the sundae.  

Leavenworth, you have indeed stolen a piece of my heart.