Kate Moll Yoga

One day not too long ago I walked into YoYoYogi in Northwest Portland to learn there was a sub teaching my favorite class that evening. The owner assured me, since she knows how much I love my badass yoga and the dude who teaches it, that I’d like this girl.

She was absolutely 100% correct.

One class with Kate and I knew two things: that I wanted to be her friend and that I had to photograph her.

Actually three things — I’d definitely be looking for her name on the yoga schedule, too. She’s an incredible teacher.

All worked out beautifully. This super awesome yogi is a smart, sweet, and overall rad chica who was totally game to go play in Laurelhurst Park and take some photos.

And she got a permanent place on the schedule with the YoYo’s. Lucky me.

I’ve already learned so much from her which makes sense because she’s been teaching yoga for 8 years. And has held yoga retreats and teacher training courses around the world. She’s got some experience to be sure.

Check Kate’s website for classes and retreats.