Oysters, Beaches, & Bonfires in Magical Tofino {British Columbia}

There are some places in the world where, upon arrival, you know you’re staying longer than intended.

And so is the case for Tofino, British Columbia. A 6.5 hour ride on the Tofino Express from the door of the Ocean Island Inn in Victoria dropped me at the last stop: a tiny little surf town on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Half the bus was headed to the same place as me — Whaler’s on the Point Guesthouse.

Whaler’s is easily one of the best hostels I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. There’s a sauna, industrial kitchen, killer views of the harbor, a game room, a TV room, and a living room with leather couches and a fireplace. Also, comfy beds.

A wonderful place to make friends, indeed. Which is how I fell to the mercy of not one, but two, chefs who could take back more oysters than I ever knew possible.

The owner of Whaler’s gave us a bucket and a tip to go harvest ourselves a mussel dinner right in the back yard. The she-chef came back from surfing with a bucket full of oysters.

Needless to say I ate well in Tofino.

Other than eating, I spent the week paddling to Meares Island with Tofino Sea Kayaking and attempted surfing with Tofino Surf Adventures.

I managed to get up on the board every time, but I totally blame my surf instructor for that one. A good teacher that is a little too easy on the eyes makes for one determined chica.

Tonquin Beach is a lovely and easy 15 minute hike from Whaler’s. The trail keeps going past Tonquin to a few gorgeously rocky coves. Definitely good photos to be had.

Long Beach and Incinerator Rock:

Middle Beach for one last hurrah. A barbecue of salmon, oysters, hot dogs, champagne and s’mores. A couple of these crazy kids had NEVER EVEN HEARD OF S'MORES.