San Juan Islands: Sucia Island Kayak Trip

After arriving home from my second trip to the San Juan Islands, I figured it was probably time to post some photos from my first trip. Unsure of how to properly describe this amazing part of the country, I put it off for a couple of months.

Then I realized there is no proper way to convey the magic of these islands. It’s one of those places you just have to visit yourself to fully appreciate the incredible beauty and laid back lifestyle.

This set of photos are from a kayaking day trip to Sucia Island. This particular island is actually a state park and has the robust number of four permanent residents.

Fun fact: the San Juan Islands are actually mountain tops from an ancient continent that is sinking below North America. This means there are ancient wildlife and plant species that are found nowhere else in the world. Pretty cool, hey?

This particular day we saw bald eagles battling red footed boobies, harbor seals awkwardly hobbling around on rocks, crazy ancient crabs, a plethora of purple sea stars (not starfish), and a giant orange jellyfish (not sea jelly).

Not to mention the incredible sandstone formations and madrona trees (a tree I had never heard of, but is apparently super populous in the Pacific Northwest).

Mad props to the Outer Island Expedition guides, Chris and Justin. They made the day really fun AND educational. I definitely recommend OIX for your adventures on and around Orcas Island. Before you book, make sure to search around the web for discount offers — I got my day trip for half price!

And now is the moment when I bombard you with photos. Including one of Justin licking a banana slug — an activity that apparently makes your mouth go numb. I opted out of THAT particular experience.