Little did I realize when starting this portrait photo biz that I would end up with a butt load of new friends. It’s definitely one of the perks of the job. That and waking up to do what I love every day, of course. 

But you know that feeling when you meet someone and realize the universe totally conspired in your favor? That’s how I felt 10 minutes into having tea with this lovely lady: Krishna Bader, Licensed Acupuncturist.

About 15 minutes into our conversation I asked her if she was a meditator. Sure enough, she’s done three 10 day Vipassana sits. That is no small feat, as I learned back in March.

(Shameless plug to another post of mine: read about my crazy Vipassana experience here.)

This woman is truly a beam of sunshine and I’m so glad she found me to photograph her. Her beauty radiates inside and out.

It sounds superficial to say, but you’ll never guess her age. She looks 15 years younger. I’m jealous of her beautiful daughter who got to inherit those genes. 

Hair + makeup by the talented Callie Nutter.